LeMat Bte s.g.d.g. The revolver has the distinctive LeMat 9-shot cylinder, 42 caliber rifled barrel with smooth bore ‘grape-shot’ 18 guage barrel for firing buckshot. Description. This gun still retains the reciprocating pin system for turning cylinder which would eventually be changed to the cog & ratchet system. [3], LeMat originally chambered his pistol for .40 (or .42) caliber revolver bullets, with a .60 (20 gauge) smooth-bore barrel, and had a jointed ramrod (mounted on the right-hand side of the frame), which was used to load both barrels. LeMat Revolver Description: LeMat revolver, early second model, sn 526. They decided to call it that because four hundred and ten sounds bigger than 12 guage. PS, FLORIDABOY, if you are thinking of getting a LeMat, get the Navy model. In the book, "The Black Hills", A Hunter Buchanon Novel, by William W. Johnstone with J. .44Caliber/.20GA CAVALRY MODEL 6 3/4 BarrelTEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK! A single.20 gauge shotgun barrel under the.44 caliber barrel makes the Lemat a unique firearm. Confederate Major General J. E. B. Stuart "was known to favor the LeMat revolver". Mostly smooth surfaces with minor marks. Thielke, a character from the 2012 German novel Oneiros by Markus Heitz, carries a modern recreation of LeMat. [4], top view showing the ramming rod parallel to the barrel and the lever of the pivoting striker, A close-up of the hammer on a LeMat Pinfire Revolver, showing the pivoting striker that could be used to fire either the pinfire cartridges in the revolving chambers or the secondary smoothbore barrel. The original revolver, constructed of blued steel with grips of checkered walnut, was not considered to be a very accurate weapon although it was deadly at close range. Box 637Dover, MA 02030, Fort Pierce, FLPhone: (336) 830-120311311 B South Indian River Dr.Fort Pierce, FL 34982. The hammer nose is rotated downard to strike a nipple for the smoothbore barrel. The European-made pistols were shipped through Birmingham, England, where they were proofmarked. LEMAT CAVALRY .44 6 3/4 (LeMat). This revolver features the combination of a conventional .42 caliber barrel with percussion nine-shot cylinder and a centrally mounted, smoothbore .63 caliber buckshot barrel. This gun was built by a world class gunsmith (that would be me). Second Model LeMat two-barrel revolver was manufactured in Paris, France c. 1864-1865. What lies beneath: The underslung shotgun barrel on the Lemat Revolver is capable … Just like the Lancaster Repeater, the Schofield Revolver is the safest bet for your … The revolver uses #11 caps. “Most people who order them from us have heard of the LeMat revolver and want one,” said Keri McDonald, sales manager with Taylor’s Co. Inc. out of Winchester, Virginia. The original LeMat was a cap-and-ball revolver invented by Jean Alexandre LeMat of New Orleans, which in addition to nine chambers, also featured a secondary 20-gauge, smooth-bore barrel. Flipping the lever up caused the movable striker to fall upon the primer set directly under the hammer, discharging the lower barrel, while leaving it in the standard position would fire the chambers in the cylinder, much like any other revolver. [3], When war broke out, LeMat received Confederate contracts for the production of five thousand revolvers, and plans were laid to manufacture the gun abroad and then import them into the Confederacy, which lacked the necessary facilities to produce the weapon locally. The original LeMat revolver was a 9-shot cap & ball black powder revolver chambered in.42 caliber with a second single shot smooth bore barrel in.60 caliber (roughly the same as a modern 20 Gauge shotgun in dimension). If so, I'd like to hear your thoughts. Balance of surface is mottled plum/gray with some staining, scratches and other minor cosmetic blemishes. Part revolver, part shotgun, the Le Mat was a favorite of several noteworthy Confederate officers during the Civil War. LeMat of New Orleans and manufactured in Paris, France, and Birhamingham, England. This page was last edited on 17 December 2020, at 12:32. Call anytime 10AM-10PM EST. It saw service with the armed forces of the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War of 1861–65 and the Army of the Government of National Defense during the Franco-Prussian War. Novus Collectus Member. A century and a half ago, Robert E. Lee’s gallant soldiers gathered to defend their way of life with a sense of pride and purpose. Finish ranges from traces of bluing, plum brown with slightly worn high spots. Serial number 1658 was found on barrel, shotgun barrel, loading arm & loading arm screw, plunger, cleaning rod, cylinder, frame, trigger, frame pin, each grip and grip screw. Pietta has re-created this nine-shot revolver with an additional single-shot barrel. Just prior to the Civil War an inventor named Jean Francois Alexander LeMat invented a revolver known then as the grapeshot revolver. Later, during the American Civil War, a lighter .35-caliber pistol with a .55 caliber (28-gauge) smooth bore barrel was produced, but as these were non-standard ammunition sizes (.36 or .44 caliber were most common for contemporary revolvers) LeMat owners had to cast their own bullets (as opposed to being issued them from general military stores). Hammer is color case hardened as is the trigger. Original "COL. LEMAT" markings are present on the barrel. Serial number 1658. Located beneath the rifled revolver barrel is a single .20 gauge smoothbore barrel. Subscribed. Rick Burton's Civil War Antiques Relics All Rights Reserved. Single Shot . https://www.ccrelics.com/excellent-confederate-2nd-model-lemat-revolver#sigProId31d956c9e2. General Lee exemplified that pride when he reluctantly resigned from the U.S. Army and chose to lead his friends, relatives, and fellow Southerners through a bloody conflict that would endure for four years. So wielding them together looks off. Colonel LeMat is best known for his 9-shot muzzleloading .42 caliber revolver with its 20 gauge shot barrel acting as cylinder axis pin – several thousand of these revolvers were imported and used in the field by Confederate officers during the US Civil War (and modern reproductions are available as well). LeMat revolving carbine. Loadout: Dual-wielded Lemat Revolvers for the most Paint It Black shots and damage boost from Gunslinger’s Choice; Also Be Sure To Read: [Top 5] Red Dead Online Best Revolvers And How To Get Them [Top 5] Red Dead Online Shotguns And How … Still, the lemat feels better single where you can manage the reload better. With both weapons, loading was accomplished via a loading gate located at the 4 o'clock position for the cylinder, and by swinging the breech of the shot barrel up and left. After the introduction of cartridge-firing firearms, the LeMat system appeared in pinfire, but this version is exceedingly rare. This unique sidearm was also known as the "Grape Shot Revolver." [3] While having better sales than its pinfire relative, the centerfire LeMat also had no real commercial success due to the invention of the double-action system. The final models of the LeMat were produced in .36 or .44 caliber in response to these criticisms, but too few of them managed to get past the Union blockade of the South during the Civil War to be of any real use. LeMat Revolver (Dual pistols) Subscribe. This weapon's high capacity allows for more shots between reloads and allows the player to gain the upper hand, especially in short, intense firefights. Top barrel flat is engraved “Col. View the embedded image gallery online at: You need to enable user registration from User Manager/Options in the backend of Joomla before this module will activate. Boasting a 9-round revolving chamber and a secondary barrel for a single buckshot round, switch between rapid-fire bullets and a devastating shotgun shell on the fly with the LeMat Revolver – now available for purchase from the Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Catalogue. Paris.Overall good condition. [3], LeMat hoped to market his adaptable revolver as a primary sidearm for dragoons and other mounted troops. This is very fine example, all matching with fine aesthetics and strong traces of finish in just about every protected area. In the 2012 Western, "Dead Man's Burden", Heck Kirkland, one of the main characters, carries and uses a LeMat Pin Fire. [3], In addition to General Beauregard and Colonel LeMat, LeMat's revolver was used by such famous Confederate officers as Major Generals Braxton Bragg, J. E. B. Stuart, Richard H. Anderson, and Captain Henry Wirz. That being said, thats after 18 shots and 2 shotty shots. The purpose of this secondary barrel was said to aid in foraging for game. Nat Love, in Joe R. Lansdale novel "Paradise Sky", carries a LeMat revolver. It is a single-action revolver with a high capacity nine shot cylinder. To defend their lives, the … This is a Civil War era LeMat two-barrel revolver that was manufactured in Paris, France. LeMat revolvers were prized by their Confederate owners (and Yankee capturers too). It is more rugged due to the knob barrel release, different from the lever that would not flip down when the weapon fires. It takes less time than going dual-LeMat, but the middle ground does it's disadvantages in a firefight. Beauregard. Top of barrel marked, COL LeMat BTE. Excellent Confederate 2nd Model LeMat Revolver. Kernersville, NCPhone: (336) 830-1203931-B South Main St. Suite-110Kernersville, NC 27284, Dover, MAPhone: (336) 830-1203P.O. A centerfire version in 12mm Perrin or 11mm Chamelot-Delvigne, with a 24 gauge shot barrel, was made in later years in Belgium. A handful are known to have been made illegitimately in the UK by an unknown manufacturer, believed to be the London Armoury Company, but only two examples survive to the present day and it is doubtful any of the English-made LeMats ever saw service during the U.S. Civil War.[7]. The 50s tv series "Johnny Ringo" featured a "Lemat Special" that was a revolver with a supposed .410 shotgun barrel. 42 caliber, 9 shot, 63 caliber shotgun barrel. Today’s post is a guest article by Kymm Wilson, on the subject of the very rare LeMat carbine, which he was put quite a bit of work into recreating. It will also shoot .32 S&W short, .32 Colt short, .32 Colt long & .32 ACP. Paris” which is the typical address on standard production revolvers. However, its rate of fire is slower than both the Double-action and Cattleman revolvers, as is the reload speed. Canadian distributors include Marstar Canada, among others. With an ammo capacity of two rounds, this weapon's firepower is already devastating to enemies who stray within range. Nine .36 caliber barrels surround a roughly 16 gauge shotgun barrel, and the entire thing is the size of a hand cannon. Quality concerns prompted LeMat to consider production at the Birmingham Small Arms Company in Birmingham, England, but production was never mounted there. Many notable Confederate Generals and Officers were known to have carried these unique weapons. It is estimated that 2,900 were produced in Liège, Belgium and Paris, France. In 1 collection by Tööttieläin. Go to the Dixie Gun Works website, find the LeMat Navy, and read the comments about it. Third, the look. Pump . If you have never seen a Lemat, it is quite a dandy. 68 items. Caliber/Gauge . The Lemat was a favorite sidearm of Confederate Generals Jeb Stuart and P.G.T. [5] General Beauregard's personal engraved LeMat, which he carried throughout the war, is preserved at the Museum of the Confederacy in Richmond, Virginia. Excellent Confederate 2nd Model LeMat Revolver. The LeMats which found their way through the Union blockade were stamped with British proof marks from the Birmingham Proof House, leading to the misapprehension that the pistols were actually manufactured in the UK. The cylinder is 9 shot .44 caliber. The revolver has the distinctive LeMat 9-shot cylinder, 42 caliber rifled barrel with smooth bore ‘grape-shot’ 18 guage barrel for firing buckshot. This is an excellent original example of the standard production Confederate contracted LeMat grape-shot revolver retaining strong traces of original finish.

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