Mov. Elle est l'homologue de Supergirl dans une version alternative de la Terre dénommée Terre 2. 10. Although not much emphasized in the series, Yorouichi has mastered the art of assassination during her days as 2nd division captain and as commander of the Onmitsukido. Sailor Moon's royal identity means she's the only person able to use the Silver Crystal -- a source of immeasurable power that can revive entire worlds. That's hardly surprising, considering that she casually knocked out scores of Pacifistas by herself, while the entire Straw Hat crew had to spend two years training to defeat just one. Here are the top ten most powerful fire magic users in all of anime. She once killed an enemy in this form by impaling his shoulder and forcing him through a wall in one move. One Punch Man is about a superhero who can take out anyone with a single punch, meaning the side characters have a lot to compete with. The lack of Lina Inverse is disappointing. Kagura of Ginatama is not a human but an Amanto from a distant planet. It’s all about a girl named Amu who meets her Guardian Characters. Uhm you are forgetting Android 18 from dragonball! Donjons & Dragons. For this list, any supernatural power, like devil fruits, is regarded as magic power. Magical anime girls offer a role model that young female audiences can connect to, and in a genre that is usually thought to be for boys, these anime girls help break this stereotype. Entering the world of anime is a little like putting a kid in a candy store; there’s so much to take in that it’s hard to know where to start. It may not ne overall the best example of a hidden power story but there are hidden powers and it is a good anime. By dailytop10. 15. Also Kagari Ayaka from Witchcraft Works is no slouch. Her physical strength is not only the one to taken account to. But it certainly deserves a spot on this list for its interesting plot. These three girls are among the strongest and most powerful in their own fields. Découvrez en streaming tout Naruto Shippuden, Fairy Tail, Hunter x Hunter, Blue Exorcist, Code Geass, Vampire Knight, etc. She’s cute and adorable but is the strongest girl I’ve seen! High Art . S'inscrire . Her most impressive feat is being able to microwave her opponents by heating up the air around them. Number 1, should be Minervamon as she can kick all them ass, all cheating 12 of them. Shadowverse 37 VOSTFR. Once Sakura captures a card, its power becomes hers to wield. The two girls qualified to be on this list because of their natural strength and combat abilities despite being mere mortals and not having supernatural powers. Ayu (author) from Sorajima on February 22, 2015: Someone pointed out the same thing, will change it soon haha :), I voted for titania which is erza scarlet. Known as the Snake Princess of Amazon Lily, and with the Love Love Devil Fruit's power to use people's feelings of desire to turn them to stone, the beautiful Boa Hancock is clearly One Piece's answer to Medusa. Boa Hancock (One Piece) - top Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail) - bottom. "Quirks" come in all kinds of weird and wonderful forms with some being deceptively benign-seeming at first. That's why this list is devoted exclusively to anime's most powerful women. She is a truly awesome character. And hang on, we're missing a certain Haruhi on this list, being god does make her pretty powerful... Ayu (author) from Sorajima on October 15, 2013: Some prick of the internet on October 14, 2013: Choices suck. That number totals 52 by the end of the original series, giving her an impressive arsenal. The person who wrote the person was stupid (BODOH/TOLOL/GOBLOK) and knewledgeable (SOK TAHU) because he was there: - Suzumiya haruhi (the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya), - Madoka, homura akemi (puella magi Madoka Magica), NB: I deliberately wrote with the Indonesian word because ayu is an Indonesian name, Mirajane, Irene, Juvia, Minerva, should all be in here. C'est aussi une tendance [1] ou un mouvement de mode, apparu au début des années 2000 qui désigne une attitude, souvent ingénue que les jeunes filles aiment se donner. What about Merlin from seven deadly sins? But, his adopted sister Mikasa Ackerman doesn't have that luxury to rely on. You put Erza, Kallen, Asuna, Misaka, Yuroichi, AND Mikasa and expect me to vote? Seras Victoria from Hellsing would also be another great contender. 1: The Irregular at Magic High School. Tatoeba Last Dungeon Mae no Mura no Shounen ga Joban no Machi … Dec 2, 2019. Hunger Games : L'Embrasement. Anime/manga Features editor for CBR. La vidéo sera rendue en quelques minutes, et vous pourrez ensuite la télécharger dans la qualité que vous préférez, ou la partager sur des plateformes sociales en un seul clic. Moreover, she is capable of using telekinesis even as a child. Attack on Titan's Mikasa Ackerman is a genius and is excellent in anything and everything she does. Actually delving back into Index, the AIM Stalker girl, if she reached level 5 would be unstoppable for a few reasons (wiki it, I don't have the willpower to type all of it up xD), you know Mikoto is wayy stronger than asuna or the girl from Code geass. However, I hadn't thought of Madoka, yea, one shot to destroy the mega witch, that's pretty damn powerful. As her name suggests, Sailor Moon's attacks are lunar-powered, as well as drawing strength from sound, healing and love -- the strongest force in Sailor Moon. Like many of the franchise's characters, the robotic fighter began as an adversary and morphed into one of the family -- Krillin's family, to be precise. Summer Beach Girls 5. Let me finish it, then ill think about revising this one and adding Morgiana :). Without the cards, Sakura can still sense magical presences, has enhanced senses, clairvoyance and dreams that predict the future. Her strong personality. Kaguya Otsutsuki is a celestial being who existed before the hidden villages. Her most prominent technique is the railgun. anyway....great listing you've got here... :D. Ayu (author) from Sorajima on June 30, 2013: I misspelled Mikasa Ackerman's name in the poll. And, when we say "elderly," we're talking over 500 years-old in her case. Ce dernier prend sa tâche très au sérieux mais se heurte à un mur : ses frères et sœurs ne pensent qu'à s'amuser et la maison devient vite un immense terrain de jeu. Une fois que votre chef-d'œuvre animé est prêt, il est temps de le dévoiler au monde entier. Updated April 4, 2020 by Louis Kemner: The whole high school anime genre is such a huge and diverse field, we decided that a list of 10 isn't long enough to showcase the impressive variety of high school anime out there. Should have added Mirajane from Fairy Tail as well! The most badass girls in the world of anime, Hime Onizuka (Sket Dance) - upper left and upper right. I actually almost gave the third spot to Yorouichi but after I took into consideration their age and realized that Kagura was monstruously strong for her age, I decided to give it to Kagura instead. Kurokami Medaka and Najimi Ajimu of Medaka Box. Eventually, it's revealed that she was something of a big deal in Soul Society. Her most impressive feat is the Home Run Comet, which showers her enemy with debris. Akkun to Kanojo. Characters with a power, skill, or significant attribute that they either do not realize yet themselves or must hide from others make for some of the best anime stories. Jul 18, 2013. Akira. Kallen Kozuki is the best mecha-pilot in the Order of the Black Knights and is the pilot of the Knightmare. A18 is strong too, I’m pretty sure Vados, Cus, Marcarita, or Martinu would be here since they’re Angels, or Heles, she’s a G.o.D. This is not your ordinary steel katana, though. What makes Boa Hancock more amazing though is her ability to use the Conqueror's Haki, an ability that only one in a million people can use and are only inherent to people with kingly/royal attributes like Whitebeard and Shanks. Lucy, however, is far from human. 10 Madara Uchiha. Top 10 Best Kenichi the Strongest Disciple Characters. One of the best surprises in the entire Bleach series, Retsu Unohana's bloody history earned her the title the strongest female anime character on this list! Back to school girls 4. Boy, girl, etc. I don't know if it counts as hand-to-hand, but Lucy could tear a tank apart with ease. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. XD know's what they're talking about. She was the first human to ever be infused with Life Fibers, and her alpha matriarchal status makes her able to easily overpower others armoured with Life Fiber uniforms (known as Kamui. Akiba-chan. She's also extremely positive and resilient in the face of challenges most pre-teens would run away from. The shield also doubles up as a pocket dimension weapons cache, hiding countless guns, rocket launchers and ammunition. The story starts with two normal high school girls who come upon a cat-like Satan's spawn who promises them great power in exchange for becoming magical girls. Erza is a weapons specialist, with over 200 swords, staffs, axes and more at her disposal thanks to her "Requip: The Knight" spatial magic. Will watch them all :D. You should include here Clare from Claymore, she would make erza look like a kid.

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