Our Story. LMS USER MANUAL Page | 3 STUDENT ABOUT STUDENT MANUAL Welcome to the Learning Management System (LMS) User Manual. Imbued with the vision of its founder, AIMST aims to be a premier private university in the country and region catering to the needs of local and international students in providing quality technical education at an affordable price. AIMST – All India Meritorious Scholarship Test 2020 also famous with its short name as AIMST is a yearly competition test for all those type appliances who recently passed in class 11th, 12th and 12th giving them a facility to compete at the country level and get grants of the listed rewards. Research & Postgraduate . MyAiMsT.NeT, Launched on 1st September 2008, Is a Self Directed Learning HTML Webpublishing Project by Students of Aimst University. Theoretical learning is supported with practical experience in hospital and community settings. Latest Blogs. Countdown : 1 More Day. Request a Demo Request Demo The future of Vialing Sky is an integrated digital solution built for full control and effectiveness. Dubbed as “ The Cradle of Malay Culture” the state boasts of their age-old customs and traditions. Kelantan is positioned in the north-east of Peninsular Malaysia. in 2017. The Diploma in Nursing at AIMST University is a structured, student-centred programme approved by the Nursing Board of Malaysia and Ministry of Higher Education. AIMST University Faculty of Pharmacy Background This program is structured with a comprehensive of basic bioscience subjects such as Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry and Microbiology as well as Pharmaceutical Technology, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy. The University has consistent student enrollment of over 3,000 since 2013. Pluto: Student Portal . The AIMST University Student Health Clinic is dedicated to provide routine medical care as well as emergency treatments to staff and students. Epstein Barr Virus and Oral Cancer. Its capital is Kota Bharu. Student’s Perspective of E-Learning During Pandemic. A token charge is levied for this service at the start of each academic year. The five-year BDS programme offered by AIMST University is a professional course to educate and train students to become world class dental practitioners. Request a Demo Campus Management Request a Demo www.qiup.edu.my Step 1: First the applicant must register as a new user on the INSPIRE scholarship portal.Click here to visit the official portal. Coordinator of Post Graduate (MSc Physiology) — AIMST UNIVERSITY (2014—2015) Coordinator of Biomedical science (Human Physiology) — Faculty of Medicine , QUEST INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY (2015- CONTINUE) Research Guidance: Co-supervisor for Postgraduate student – (MSc Medical Physiology) in 2015 (continue) at AIMST UNIVERSITY Things to Do Around the Campus. Please revise your security settings and try again. Student Parking. Empowering the World of Education Since 2010 Our SaaS campus management solution is designed for complex higher education and K-12 processes. The course uses a modern approach to dental education based on the best educational practices in dental schools in Malaysia as well as internationally. Webinar: Google not just for Googling. It is a not-for-profit private university, consisting of seven academic faculties. Our representatives from Student Recruitment, Professors and student volunteers had the privilege to speak about career opportunities and the latest in the industry to visitors at #QIUbooth! read more . This user manual will guide you to use the LMS in your learning successfully. The University also comprises a fully integrated TUMS with customised modules that include a student/staff portal, the ILMU Library Management System, Financial Suite, Human Resource Suite and University Management Suite.